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Barbara is quite famous in the US. During all her life she has explored evolution of consciousness, and more precisely what she calls conscious evolution, that is evolution conscious of itself. Conscious evolution manifests through beings that have decided to evolve, to be the evolution, and of course who are conscious of this force manifesting through them. She also talks about suprasex, when the masculine and feminine manifest through us, infusing co-creative genius.

Barbara and I are soul connected. We share this irresistible evolutionary force playing through us, not just as new concepts (which is what most people think this is about), but as physical transmutation in our body, in the way the world manifests in us and how our consciousness new realities get constructed in our consciousness. This is a unique experience.

Barbara is joy and laughter, pure beauty, with fire, genius and love in her eyes. She seems that the older she goes into age, the younger she is, as she has become a direct manifestation of her soul. And soul is ever young!


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