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In this page I share my list of desired riches, or more precisely my desired material wealth. You will find the whole spectrum, from the most basic forms (food, shelter, health care) to those that support beauty, goodness, truth and invite the highest expression of my being. I have also chosen not to support junk objects. I support quality (which I see different from luxury) and I would rather not possess an object rather than acquiring one of bad quality, made in bad conditions in order to lower the costs, and that will quickly pollute because of its short life span.

Some ‘yes but’ thoughts may come to you while reading it. For instance:

  • By living in the gift economy, don’t I live off my friends and the world in general?
  • Why do I mix what serves for surviving with other things that may look trivial or not vital?

Well, if such thoughts cross your mind, then why not you read the asking unconditionally article and the FAQ?

Whatever form of kindness you would like to manifest or talk about, please contact me so we can explore this together.

So, here we go 🙂


Enveloppe heartConventional money

From your perspective, conventional money may offer the easiest way to support my son and I (food, shelter, school, etc), as it gives direct access to all the material riches I mention below.

I like the idea of you manifesting directly your generosity by offering one of the things listed below. You may prefer this too: it shows directly where your kindness goes, in a transparent way.

Flower Separator

EstébanSchool for Estéban

Estéban goes to a Steiner-Waldorf school. A choice that his mom and I we never regretted. This pedagogy offers kids an incredibly creative and powerful way to blossom.

Per year: 4400€ ($5,000) – tax deductible in France.

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Raw food heartFood

I eat organic raw vegan food.  This article explains why. Estéban eats organic vegetarian food.

Monthly: 700€ ($800) – possible deal with a local organic food store.

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Survival shelterA place to live in Aix-en-Provence

I deamed of it, the dream came true, thanks to the generosity of the universe manifested through human heart. I became the happy renter of a little appartment in Aix-en-Provence. It will last until the end of November 2015. A peaceful place to write, to rest between my trips and to enjoy life with my son Estéban.

Yearly: $16,500 – you can contribute for future years starting Dec. 1st 2015.


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Blender Vitamix 5200A blender

A must have tool for delicious raw vegan cuisine. This one became a legend in the raw vegan community. It lasts for ever and has a 7 years warranty.

Estimated cost: 475-650€ ($650-$850).

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goat_dental_brace_400x400Health care

The lifestyle I chose provides me with the wonders of an excellent health. However any vehicle needs some fixing. I need a complete dental care and new glasses. This could come through an insurance or via a case by case support.

Estimated cost: 2000€ ($2,200)

Séparateur fleur

website_200x200Website, server, etc

My different websites (,, TheNewRepublics, require maintenance costs (server, software…). Let’s add domain name renewals and some software I need to acquire from time to time. You can gift me on a case by case if you want. I would then ask you a few times a year, and you can freely say yes or no.

Estimated yearly cost: 1000€ ($1,200)

Séparateur fleur

 Trek bike Procaliber 9.8 SLA bicycle

A bicycle remains the funniest way to circulate in urban environment and nature. I see a bicycle like an extension of myself, therefore I don’t want to compromize its quality. The one of my dream — the Trek Procaliber 9.8 — allows to ride everywhere in town as well as the most hilly trails.

Cost: 4500€ ($5,000)

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Ostrich riderA motorbike

I use an old car running on LGP that won’t last for very long. I do use my bicycle as much as possible, and public transportation for long distance. However living in the country side and having a kid going to school requires a vehicle. I want to continue with an environment friendly vehicle and lower consumption, this leads either to an electric car or a motorbike. Recent BMW motorbikes last forever and consume almost nothing.

Estimated cost: 12,000-20,000€ ($13,000-$22,000). A lease can make it a monthly fee.

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Happy LawyerLegal support

Gift economy as a system and life style doesn’t have much space for it in the legal system, to say the least. I would like to work with a lawyer who feels passionate about these questions and who would like to explore new possibilities. What legal entities should we create, and what individual status? How can we open the path for others? How can we avoid paying taxes for war and other inhumane things, and direct wealth to the right actions?


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ParapenteBird wings

Flying embodies a form of gift economy. With just a piece of fabric one can fly over the mountains and experience extraordinary moments of communion with the elements. I used to fly 15 years ago, I would love to fly again and dance with the Sainte-Victoire mountain next to my home. This implies the acquisition of a wing + related stuff (seat, helmet, etc), and the attending of 2 courses.

Total investment: about $5,500

Séparateur fleur

Silent piano YamahaA piano & home studio for music composition

Here comes my ultimate dream: these Yamaha pianos record not just the sound of what you play, but the real move of your hands on the keys. And they can reproduce it, or edit it into a score. I know for sure that music composition will take a central place in my life.

Depending on the configuration, the amount goes from 20,000€ to 60,000€ ($22,000 to $65,000) for the piano + studio hardware & software.




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