To begin with…

Naked turtleI came to this world in 1964, near Paris. 37 years later in 2001, I became the happy dad of a little boy, Estéban. His mom and I live separately in loving friendship. I live in Provence, South of France, and I have the French nationality. However I see myself as an open source earthling. Where do I have my home? Here, inside myself. A little bit like the turtles.

The Music of Joy

I consider myself as my first subject of research and creation. I cultivate the art of joy and happiness.

Symphony - Viviane-José RestieauMy main activity consists in thriving. Indeed I have no other real activity. I play my own instrument of self.

Here I make a clear distinction between “my being” and “Jean-François Noubel”. Jean-François represents a temporary human being. He has his body, his traits, his story, a location in space and time. He evolves in a culture and a society. He has a personality, a structure, strenghts and weaknesses, a specific tone, exactly like a music instrument. Like a wave on the ocean, he raises, grows, moves in the society of waves. When time comes, he will melt again in the great ocean.