C'est ma maison

To locate…

I was born in 1964, near Paris. Today I became the happiest of dads, with my little boy Estéban, arrived on Earth in August 2001. His mother and I live separately, in deep friendship. I live in Provence and I have French nationality. But I exist above all as a being of the world. A nomadic, digital, open source citizen. Where is my house? Here, in me. A bit like turtles.

L’âmusique en joie

I consider myself as my first object of research and creation. I cultivate the art of happiness and joy.

Symphonie - Viviane-José Restieau
Symphonie – Viviane-José Restieau

My main activity is to exist. In fact, I have no other activity. I play my own instrument.
Here I make a clear distinction between “my being” and “Jean-François Noubel”. Jean-François represents a temporal human. He has his body, his features, his story, a location in space-time. He evolves in a culture and a society. He has a personality, a structure, strengths and weaknesses, a particular stamp, exactly like a musical instrument. Like a wave of the ocean, it rises, rises, advances in the society of the waves. When the time comes, it will melt back into the big ocean.

Escher - les mains
Escher – les mains

My “being” is seen as the whole Universe (Brahman), both as a timeless form-consciousness, divine and omniscient singularity, a unique, local and ubiquitous manifestation (Atmân). Some would call “soul” this being that I evoke, it suits me too. However, I tend to use the word “soul” parsimoniously because time has eroded and invested with fixed cultural patterns. Seasoned with Christianity and sprinkled with morality, popular meaning has little to do with my direct experience of the soul. Neither wishing to enter here in the engineering of consciousness, even if I see the absolute necessity, so I’m just talking about my being and Jean-François.
Thus “being” refers to the composer-musician who plays the “Jean-François Noubel” music, who knows each string, articulates each sound, each dissonance and each harmonic. The “I” applies without distinction to the being as to the man since it misses our language an ontological form which reflects this distinction.
Normal that music as such is an important part of my life. Absolute art, music sings and dances all forms of consciousness of being. I play the piano, I love to improvise. Creation springs up in each of my inner intersections.

Infinitely rich

OrangerOne morning in September 2009, the vow of wealth blossomed in me. If you have any questions about this, you will find some answers here.
I do not own anything because I decided that nothing belonged to me. Not even the thoughts that spring in my mind. Freed from the artificial boundaries imposed by property, the entire universe opens its arms. I live in generosity. All that I can offer, I offer it – experience, joy, time, energy, objects and work … – to people, to living beings, to the world. All this at the heart of a market economy in which nothing circulates without a counterpart.
To live in the systematic gift, that is what defeats more than one, me included. So far, this has always led to the right place. 😉 I have no reason to stop.
People ask me how I survive. First of all, surviving does not interest me. I have landed in this world to enliven me with contagious joy, not just to survive. Life comes as a gift by birth, why should I win it? It turns out that giving joyfully brings me to receive joyfully, concretely. Thus I live with the gifts that I receive, by gratitude, kindness, gentleness, thanks, sometimes by simple reciprocity. These gifts, I learned to welcome them with joy and simplicity: a meal, money, know-how, time, a roof, a train or plane ticket, a skill, a thank you or a smile…
Each gift always comes at the right time, in perfect adequacy with my needs of the moment. I do not need to calculate or hoard. A school that learns to calm the agitations of the mind and the ego with their inexhaustible short-term predictions. Here I have become a cicada more clever than the ant. I learned to understand the flow of the world, especially wealth, because I listen to the laws of providence.
Providence ? We also often hear serendipity. Providence or serendipity, it does not matter, I live with them and through them. Mysterious for many, they emanate from this inner exaltation that places me in the most beautiful symbiosis with the universe. This is called the celebration. Everything becomes erotic and happy. The universe? Yes, I mean the reality that is mirrored in my thoughts. So inner happiness leads me to give the best of myself, and to receive the best of the world through the creative alchemy of my thoughts. Everything is played in our mirrors. That makes me an artist. I just need to know what I want to create. I therefore fully assume as creator and attractor of everything that happens to me. All, without exception.

Truth, I love you …

Magritte - Ceci n'est pas une pipe
Magritte – Ceci n’est pas une pipe

I always tell the truth. The truth extends our consciousness.
The truth diverts from power because it gives power. She makes us gods.
Power does not interest me. I do not have any social status. Neither title nor function, and I do my best to keep it that way.
Likewise, I have no duty, no morality. I live in an amoral dimension (which means out of all morality, not to be confused with immoral).
Ah, there, maybe you feel a bit of tension? Let’s think about it … This gives a total place to creative joy. If it always leads us where it is needed, why lock yourself in the suffocating suburbs of morality? And your son, ask some, do not you have a father’s duty towards him? No, not even with him. I allowed all notions of duty to evaporate. This offers us, him and me, the free field to happily invite all the crazy experiences and things we want to live together. When two beings have so much joy to share, do they need homework?
I also see myself as a totally useless being. By this I mean “unusable”. Having no function or role of tool, the place offers, once again, to the creative joy. From what others tell me, it seems they prefer me that way. 😎

Sex, sex, sex

Alex Grey - the Kiss
Alex Grey – the Kiss

Male and female undulate deep inside me. Inside my being, I live in an androgynous state. I exist in fullness of the union with myself, in myself. The universe is part of a big orgy. Each breath vibrates with eroticism.
I like sex. Sex at the altar, that of Eros, alongside Agape. Free beings consent to each other to celebrate life by the body that carries it. There, nothing can be built on the dependence on the other. Love is symbolized by the absence of any padlock.
Goddesses illuminate my life, ignite all my being. Goddess of a night or Goddess of a life, eternal Goddess she lives. I strip with that look. And if it is not yet seen as such, may my contemplation and adoration awaken his divinity, make him want to enjoy the same freedom that fuels my passion for life. The undulation and the ecstasy of the bodies celebrate this passion.

Intelligence collective holomidale

Collective Intelligence

A discipline that studies … collective intelligence, namely, this extraordinary property of the living social that manifests itself when people collaborate. Plants, insects, viruses, bacteria, animals, humans … everywhere collective intelligence, intra or interspecies, animates the universe.
At this moment, our species is evolving. Very quickly. I like to explore this and tell the story to my contemporaries. As written above, I made my first subject of research & development, and my first lab. To live as a human of the 21st century imposes an act of every moment, here, now, without self-ideation. It is enough to listen to the lightning intuitions inspired by the joy of existing. I guess it contributes to the arrow of evolution.
On a daily basis, my work varies a lot. From a conference in South Korea or Morocco to a shamanic ceremony in Mexico, from meditation to the realization of the next monetary systems, from narrative writing to musical composition, from the practice of martial arts to the application of new ontologies, from social media to the practice of conscious breathing, from the strategic accompaniment of leaders to the evolution of our species … every day engages all my being, physically, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually. Except club shot due to jet lag, I have no trouble getting up in the morning.

War and peace

Idéogramme du budoI have been practicing martial arts since the age of 16 and have been teaching for many years.
Although it may seem paradoxical to some, the warrior’s path invites a path to peace. I enjoy practicing almost daily, regardless of places and contexts. I like to give the body its freedom of movement, emotions, expression. I want it freed from the shackles of social codes, many of which aim to operate a separation between being and body. Moreover, in collective intelligence, one observes that to belong less to oneself allows one to belong a little more to the social body, at least in the rudimentary forms of collectives. The body represents for me the place of all learning, the ultimate space of knowledge, because in him the whole universe manifests itself. The body carries the infinites.

Grazing in the meadows

Vache qui broute
I eat only vegetables (fruits and vegetables), raw as much as possible. It’s called “living food”, which I like. I also eliminated gluten (bread, pasta …), and I eat very little fat. I belong to the big family of ruminants.
For some of the people who do not really know me (or who feel safer in judgments), my way of feeding me seems spartan, monastic, fundamentalist, even masochistic. How they are wrong! These choices represent the fruit (if I may say so) of years of research that led me to an optimal balance. I have a terrible peach (if I may say so again), I feel good in my body that food helps, among other things, to erotise.
I will not go into a big ideological discourse on food here. I just feel happy feeding myself without killing. And no, I do not consider that chewing a salad or an apple fits in the same register as eating a pig. If one plunges into this type of reasoning, then why should not I assassinate you on time (or vice versa), since we are not worth more, neither, than a salsify? Not to contribute to the institutionalized slaughter of animals, with whom I live a deep relationship, constitutes a basic coherence with my humanity. We often hear “we are what we eat”, I also believe that “we eat what we are”. This reflects an aspect (not the only one) of the maturity of our consciousness.
Singe sur pile de bananes
Thus, eating vegetables, living and organic, is a joyful and liberating practice. I have access to a clear, vast, light consciousness that I do not meet with those who eat animal flesh and conventional food. I like the state of absolute sobriety because I access my essence. I do not know better drugs.
One last detail: I rarely fall ill. My vitality seems to be a challenge for microbes, bacteria and other viruses. I need little time to get on my feet. Of course, health is also played on other factors than food alone (questions mentioned in this post “To you whose health fails”), however, it plays a leading role.

This “About me” remains unfinished, of course! It will continue to evolve over time. Come back to see me!