Do you believe that business as usual has no future? Have you gained the certainty that pyramid schemes can no longer work well? Do you see the emergence of a new form of collective intelligence, distributed, open, based on leadership, source of radical innovation? Do you believe in the power of a conscious economy based on values and life rather than predatory consumerism? Perhaps you have even heard of what is called the economics of transformation? And you have perfectly understood that there is a mirror effect between your being and your doing, hence the attention you give to your personal development.
All this makes you an evolutionary leader.
Evolutionary leaders are building the next generation of organizations: super-learners, agile, wisdom-based, values-driven, open innovation-driven, wealth-creating more than conventional organizations. We are witnessing an evolution from pyramidal collective intelligence to holomidal collective intelligence.
And precisely, perhaps you run a pyramid company made up of tens or hundreds of thousands of employees? Or maybe you started a startup that wonders how to grow without becoming pyramid?
The question therefore arises:

How to build the next generation of holomidal organizations,
super smart, super agile and resilient?

There is no manual, it is still a pioneering adventure for those who are not cold.
I can offer you my experience, take you to the holomidal world, you and your team. But you will have to meet certain conditions for that.

  • First, I want to meet the evolutionary leader in you, because I only work with brave and pioneering entrepreneurs. This requires a deep level of commitment at all levels, we will explore this in our first interviews.
  • Secondly, I said that I will give you my expertise and my time … to take literally, whether it’s a simple conference or a long-term collaboration.

You may be wondering how I live? I only live by the gifts and gifts that people and organizations choose to give me, through gratitude and kindness. This can come in the form of conventional money, or various gifts. Some partners decide to direct their gratitude to other people or organizations than me, it’s just as good for me. I just want the chain of kindness to continue, no matter the direction.
You will never become my client, I will never become your provider. We will live as partners, friends, allies, accomplices, and we will share a great adventure! There will be fun, fun, creativity, excellence, mutual support, authenticity, truth, compassion, plasticity, learning, dreams, tears and laughter. And … impeccability. In each of its aspects, the gift economy operates according to higher standards than the conventional market economy.
I get a lot of requests, I want to work exclusively with those who have already advanced their thinking, so as not to start from scratch.