L'homme lunaire

L'accomplissement amoureux peut commencer à se réaliser lorsque le couple intérieur de l'être a accompli son propre mariage, lorsque notre masculin et notre féminin, notre Shiva et Shakti, notre Yang et notre Yin vivent, vibrent et célèbrent pleinement au fond de notre psychisme. Libéré des mécanismes de manque et de compensation, l'être accompli devient androgyne. Il s'ouvre à la célébration joyeuse avec d'autres êtres comme lui nourris par l'union intérieure. Il n'y a plus deux êtres qui se rencontrent, mais quatre, offrant à leur danse amoureuse toutes les libertés qu'ils voudront s'accorder.

Vivre riche

En septembre 2009 a jailli en moi le vœu de richesse. Il exprimait une démarche projetée dans le futur. Aujourd’hui, ce vœu fait tellement partie de moi que je n’y pense

The Man of Understanding

"The man of understanding is not entranced. He is not elsewhere. He is not having an experience. He is not passionless and inoffensive. He is awake."

Sex, Sex, Sex

As a licensed explorer of life (certified by myself :mrgreen: ), I could not not explore love. Love liberated from its imposed forms from the past that don't work anymore. How can I love today? What can I invent? How can I reinvent myself in order to build harmonious, free, erotic and ecstatic relationships in the celebration of body, mind and spirit?

Foreplay to love

I want to begin this series of articles with preliminaries (or foreplay I may say) about love. Love, such a big and small word! What follows comes from direct experience acquired along the years.

The Lunar Man

The amorous accomplishment can begin only after the inner couple has accomplished its marriage, once our masculine and feminine, our Shiva and Shakti, our Yang and Yin live, vibrate and celebrate fully in our psyche. Freed from the drives of need and compensation, the accomplished self becomes androgynous.

How I Became Useless

Does this title looks like a failure assessment? Not for me. Some years ago, I made the conscious decision I would become useless. Completely useless.

Dreaming my Next Home

Time has come to share my dream about the next place to live. As you know my experiential life has lead me to live in the gift economy. I dream this site manifesting as a gift. Not to possess it but to live in it and honor it. A gift that will allow me to continue my journey, my research work, CIRI's development, writing...

From Need to Desire

  [su_box title=”Etymology of need” style=”soft”]The more common Old English word for “need, necessity, want” was ðearf, but they were connected via a notion of “trouble, pain,” and the two

Desired Riches

In this page I share my list of desired riches, or more precisely my desired material wealth. You will find the whole spectrum, from the most basic forms (food, shelter,