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Chia Ortegon

August 27th 2010:

At the moment I am writing this post, Chia and I haven’t met physically yet. Our meetings have been online though skype. But what an encountering!

Chia is the most amazing artist I know. Her creativity and her fields of expression seem to have no limits, from painting to online art to cloth designing to writing to filming. What she expresses is definitely the alchemy of consciousness. You can witness this alchemy not only in the pieces of art themselves, but in what happens within you when you experience her art. Alchiamista is her true cosmic name

To say it short, Chia is a powerful goddess embodied in a few pounds of feminine beauty. 😀

Chia and I are going to meet physically in California for the first time Sept. 15, 2010. This is an exciting journey that is beginning! More in this post soon!


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