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Free currencies: an evening talk with Barbara-Marx Hubbard

This retreat week with Barbara Marx-Hubbard is a blossoming of ideas, visions, insights, states of consciousness. We gave ourselves enough time to cover many topics. This video is a short excerpt of our conversation on free currencies.

It is also a wonderful journey shared with Dino Bendiab, who is making the movie. Our collaboration and complicity, his patience and boldness, his wisdom and insights provide quite a container for expression. Immediate expression for Barbara and I, and creative expression through the movie he is going to make out of this journey. It is a blessing for me to see these first footages and excerpts, not just because of the images themselves, but because they come from everyone’s right placement, joy and creativity. This is pure blissipline.


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  1. Claire Marie
    septembre 14, 2010, 8:52

    I am interested in what this “retreat week” is referring to?


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