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Last day in Mexico, announcing the Vow of Wealth

Today is my last day of a one month retreat in Mexico. It has been an incredible crucible for an inner alchemical transformation. I am extremely grateful to Fernanda for creating such a safe nest so I could open myself to the next phase of my life.

This retreat has brought me the Vow of Wealth, that is now open and public in this present blog.

On the practical level, this Vow leads to leaving the conventional monetary system. In a few months I won’t use any conventional money anymore. Most of my social life will rely on free currencies in a gift economy context.

This shift raises tons of questions. I am aggregating them here in this new Wagn site. I am expecting people to contribute, add, improve. Although its a personal Vow, its consequences can’t be anything else than collective!

I feel like a little ant facing a huge mountain to climb. I am at the same time very excited, and scared, and in deep peace. Depends on which level I speak. And I am thrilled to share what this journey is going to be.

With love, joy and gratitude, as always!


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