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Open World Forum… open or closed?

I just went by the Open World Forum this afternoon, it takes places in Paris Oct. 1-2, 2009. As I will speak tomorrow Friday 2, from 2 to 4pm, I wanted to feel the atmosphere. I confess I was surprised by some sort of “grey” energy. I felt no joy, no jubilation. There were only men almost, the whole event being packaged in one of those congress centers, with carpet everywhere, and wifi, and hostesses, and badges… I just felt only conventionalism. No energy of conquest, no youth, no new things…

It’s the opportunity to question myself on what’s next. Tomorrow morning, Mark Shuttleworth , founder of Ubuntu, comes as keynote. I usually don’t like to spend time in plenary sessions because usually I get bored and don’t learn many things. The reason why I will get there tomorrow is to feel the guy. If he comes, of course, because it’s quite common that keynotes are announced and they appear as visio-conference.

I feel intrigued by Mark Shuttleworth. He seems t have had a real vision with Thawte, then Ubuntu. Would he be open to free currencies? Would he understand them? How prepared is his consciousness? Would he be a selfless supporter? Or did he, like so many others, fall back into “mainstream”, once conquests for reputation and power are done? That’s what I would like to feel tomorrow.

I even prepared a small note for him. If he comes, I will then decide. I don’t wish to convince him, as we don’t need him to succeed in our project. On another hand I want to remain open to opportunities, and let them manifest if they have to manifest. Mark and his organization could become a wonderful leverage for free currencies. So… I will feel into this tomorrow, and let integrity decide.

For now… brrrr… this open world forum seems quite closed in regards to the human adventure it is supposed to embody…


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