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Reconnecting with Barbara Marx-Hubbard

This Oct. 22-26 2009, I am attending the Renaissance 2 great shift gathering in Perpignan, South of France. One of the greatest joy and emotion I experience right at this moment is the physical reconnection with one of the guests, my beloved Barbara Marx-Hubbard.

She spoke this morning. As usual I could feel joy and a delicious sense of rightness pour inside me like a nectar at every word she said, be it about her own journey or the inner evolutionary impulse that seats in everyone of us. She also mentioned her past campaign as the first American woman running for US vice-presidency in 1984. Her key idea was — and still is — that the Vice-Presidency can hold some new social mission, open new paths that can become tomorrow’s institutions. Quoting her on peace rooms: “If a war room can track and target every enemy, then a peace room should track every social innovation and connect them together for the greater good.

Our personal stories, Barbara and I, are of course quite different, hence we come from different generations. But beyond the external shape of these stories, as evolutionary explorers and travelers, we do acknowledge the very same dynamics and journey in our life. It transcends forms, time, generations. Beyond our individual present form and actions, Barbara and I experience something unique for one another. Something we can’t yet explain but that is so strong that we are called to surrender to it, embrace the experience, and welcome whatever ontology will manifest in ourselves to share that experience.

For now, I am simply in bliss! 😀


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