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Sharing vs exchanging

This morning a person joined TheTransitioner online community and wrote in her profile that for her sharing was more important than exchanging.

I couldn’t agree more with her. Sharing is much more than exchanging. It raises a core collective intelligence question: how can we build large economies that are NOT just about exchanging (market economy), but mostly based on sharing? This leads to a very technical challenge about how we track flows in order to:

  1. be aware of them because we see them: it is awareness that helps us make informed and sovereign decisions
  2. balance them at large scales:

A few words on point 2: contrarily to a common belief that says ‘when you love you don’t count”, it is important to count, more precisely to account. Too often accounting is tied to scarcity and greediness. This is wrong. Accounting is the way to track our flows, our energies, our resources, and therefore manage them in a way everyone can be sustainable. Accounting is a very natural and universal part of reality that exists everywhere in nature. All life around us uses some ways to account in order to regulate via feedback loops. Our hormonal system is a good example.

How do we track flows at a large scale? How do we become fractal so that small scale and large scales work the same way?

This is the heart of our R&D work now at CIRI — the Collective Intelligence Research Institute.



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  1. Aenea
    August 08, 2011, 5:56 pm

    Thank you Jean-François.

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