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The Compost of Collective Intelligence

Luc Schuiten, the cities of tomorrow


We must not oppose the old dying system of pyramidal collective intelligence with the birthing one of holomidal collective intelligence. I hear all the time people say that the rise of social innovation cannot compete with the fact that technologies remain the monopole of pyramidal collective intelligence organizations, designed to make profit and to control. People who say this oppose political systems by means of intellectual abstracts on ideologies. My research simply consist in observing evolution, not to argue on which political or ideological system should prevail. From a pragmatic and concrete point of view, here comes a law of the living: any new ecosystem needs to grow on the old one. The old, while rejecting the new, offers its fundamental bricks as well as the compost produced from its own decomposition. Also its paroxysmal manifestation –more power concentration of power and money, more standardization, etc– provoke an evolutionary dynamics for those who want to extract themselves from the old matrix. Thus holomidal collective intelligence, until it becomes an autonomous social ecosystem, grows on the soil of pyramidal collective intelligence. We see a fractal, complex and non-linear process at play.

I often get this question whether people feel ready… I can only invite you to contemplate this question within yourself first. Evolution happens inside you, primarily. Waiting for it from the outside looks like one of the classical tricks from the mental.

Who, today, feels ready to evolve his/her own semantic structure, his/her own economy, his/her own health, the relationship to his/her own body, his/her diet, his/her social codes, his/her own use of technology? So far I observe this shift only in a small fringe of humanity, a tiny minority, mostly coming from the young generation. The good news say that this thin layer of consciousness that structures itself in the being and meshes in the collective suffices to provoke the necessary leaps for evolution. The past has already demonstrated this: big changes have never emerged neither from majorities nor from the powers in place.







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  1. February 01, 2014, 2:03 pm

    The notion of ideology needing the dominant is fascinating, thank you for sharing.

  2. March 13, 2014, 7:10 pm

    Your title “The Compost of Collective Intelligence” reminds me of a story about one branch of the origins of the skateboarding movement. There was a group of surfing kids that looked at the infrastructure of urban life – curved concrete surfaces as land-based waveforms. The motion of the waves was created by the skateboarders own movement. They also utilized empty swimming pools in homes similarly. The sport, technologies, fashion and culture of skateboarding would not have emerged if a group of kids did not have access to a beach area with waves because a pier collapsed (the dying of an infrastructure which impeded an old behavior) and there was not available a lot of previously poured concrete with just the right geometry to enable them to reuse their old skills, in a new way.

    • March 13, 2014, 9:21 pm

      Hi Kevin,
      Thanks for this great example. I think we can find thousands of them when new forms of social life and new social organisms use the fundamental bricks of past structures. I really love the way life hacks life.

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