On the road to the post-money society

Money has embodied a perfect technology for the society with pyramidal collective intelligence, based on centralized powers (companies, states, administrations, armies, religions …). The intrinsic mechanisms of money scarcity (by which we mean the fact that most people lack them) have made it an extraordinary catalyst of hierarchies of social hierarchies, indispensable for the existence and perpetuation of chains of command.
Money becomes toxic and unsuitable for the very young holomidal collective intelligence, decentralized, distributed, based on leadership, individuation, collaboration, open source, common. Built on a holistic economy, both local and global, the holomidal economy must integrate all forms of wealth, not just what is bought or sold. Biodiversity, well-being (of humans and other beings), trust, air and water quality, health, education, happiness, joy, etc., can not be bought not and do not sell. So many riches that we can never express in money, any more than baboons can not express quantum physics with “Hou! Hou!”. This complete spectrum of wealth is called integral wealth. It includes, of course, the material wealth peculiar to the classical commercial economy, and all the rest of which we have just given some examples. We have a crucial need today to integrate into our social and collective reality all of these objective and subjective, local and global, individual and collective riches that roam our species today.
How to proceed ? Certainly not with money. No more than with Bitcoins elsewhere.
We need a metalanguage.
It can be defined as a language of flows, or more precisely as a language that becomes in real time what it describes. A language conscious of itself. The term “current-see” (currency) expresses this concept, the ability of any living organism to see itself and to self-regulate. Our bodies have this language based on thousands of different currencies that act between them: hundreds of different hormones, nerve impulses, chemical substances … as many flows that give our body its sense of itself. There is a conscious part (my level of attention, hunger, joy, sleep, stress …) and some unconsciousness (my thyroid hormones, my white blood cells, etc.). Thousands of streams that interfere with each other in a breathtaking global harmonic. Our super-conscious human ecosystems can only be developed on such levels of language. For years, with my adventurous friends, I work on the realization of this essential infrastructure for our evolution.
Welcome to the post-money society, welcome to Holo Sapiens.
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