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USA Sept. 2010: Burning Man and meeting many wonderful beings

I am going to be traveling in the US from August 27th to October 6, 2010.

Here is the full detail:

  • August 27 afternoon: arriving in San Francisco
  • August 28-29: meetings in the Bay Area
  • August 30 – Sept 6: Burning Man (NV), our playa spot is 6:30 and D
  • Sept 7-14: Boulder, CO
  • Sept. 15-30: Bay area, meetings and talks
  • Sept. 23-25: talk at The CORE conference
  • Oct. 1-6: Los Angeles, with a possible stop at Santa Barbara

My beloved Fer_ananda will be with me all first part of the trip, until Sept. 14th. Yeeehaaa! So much we will share!

Burning Man: first time! Fernanda and I come as learners there. While trying to share our best gifts, we will also learn how collective intelligence manifests there, and how such events and creative lifestyles can scale up. Do creative genius have to remain confined in such crazy events, or can it become a 7/24 lifestyle at the society level? What does it take? What’s the role of free currencies?

I will meet many many amazing persons, most of them I call them heroes because they have chosen to live the life they want, because they serve the world and others with an immense generosity and love, because they are extremely courageous and have not chosen the easiest path… Indeed, they are true heroes for me!

Here are some names among many others fantastic encounters that are already seeding in the unfolded womb of the universe:

Arthur Brock

Barbara Marx-Hubbard: she and I will meet at the end of my trip in L.A. and/or Santa Barbara

Brad Nye: organizing the camp at Burning Man (RedLightning.org) and then the CORE conference in the Bay Area

Chia Ortegon: we will meet Sept. 15th

Darrell Laham

Nipun Mehta

Olivier Maurel

Pancho Ramos Stierle

Patricia and Dan Ellsberg

Sandra de Castro-Buffington

Sergio Lub


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